The Upper Lillooet River Hydro Project includes two run-of-river, clean energy generation facilities located in the Pemberton Valley of British Columbia: Upper Lillooet River (81.4 MW) and Boulder Creek (25.3 MW).
Electricity generated by the hydroelectric facilities will be transmitted approximately 72 km by a single 230 kV transmission line. The Project occupies provincial Crown lands, and lies within the asserted traditional territory of the Lil’wat Nation.

Hedberg and Associates is currently providing a variety of services to this project including developing environmental documentation (Environmental Assessments, and Environmental Management Plans, Clearing Plans, Access Plans and Road Deactivation Plans etc.) and providing layout services for facilities and infrastructure along the length of the transmission line corridor and for the project footprint.

In the early planning phases, we provided planning and permitting services, route selection, timber valuation and road location layout and design. To minimize land impacts and adhere to overall land use objectives, we provided route design recommendations, visual modelling services, and gave recommendations on Old-Growth Management Replacement Areas. During the clearing phase, we offered pre-work planning and high quality mapping services so contractors were able to act in accordance with project responsibilities and documentation. A complete list of services is provided below.


Clean Energy


Innergex Renewable Energy Inc


Pemberton Valley, BC


$491.6 million

  • Forestry baseline Environmental Assessment fieldwork and report preparation
  • Environmental Protection Plan preparations (Fire Preparedness, Invasive Pest, Erosion Protection, Soil Salvage, Windthrow)
  • Access road reconnaissance, layout and design
  • Clearing plans and prescriptions
  • Transmission line Right of Way establishment and design
  • Long-term monitoring planning
  • Forestry permits

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