The Eagle Mountain–Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project (Eagle Mountain Pipeline) is being proposed by Fortis Energy Inc. (FortisBC). The Eagle Mountain Pipeline consists of a 47-kilometre long natural gas pipeline and associated infrastructure. The pipeline begins in northern Coquitlam, BC at Eagle Mountain and ends at the existing Woodfibre industrial site southwest of Squamish, BC. Currently this project is in the planning phase and was recently awarded its Environmental Assessment Certificate.

Hedberg and Associates role in this project has included access planning, permitting and LiDAR design for pipeline routing. A complete list of services is provided below.


Oil and Gas


Universal Pegasus international/ Fortis BC


Coquitlam to Squamish, BC


$250 Million


  • Pipeline location
  • Road access management plan
  • Licence to cut
  • Third party review of environmental documentation
  • Visual animation
  • LiDAR design for pipeline ROW
  • Cable crane feasibility study
  • Access location and design

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