The Dawson Creek/Chetwynd Area Transmission (DCAT) Project is a project that was completed by BC Hydro to double the electricity capacity in the area. The project included:

Hedberg and Associates provided a variety of services to BC Hydro including laying out clearing boundaries, marking danger trees and watercourses, locating structures, and preparing strip maps. We also completed timber valuations, carried out field cruises and prepared bridge site plans. A complete list of services is provided below.


Energy and Utilities


BC Hydro


Dawson Creek, BC to Chetwynd, BC


$296.4 million

  • Transmission line layout
  • Access road reconnaissance, layout and design
  • Hazard tree prescriptions
  • RTK Trimble centerline layout
  • Control point establishment
  • Clearing methods and prescriptions
  • Riparian assessment

*In association with ERG-Energy Resource Group

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