Mike Hedberg – RPF – Principal

Mike became a professional forester after graduating from the University of British Columbia in 1992. Mike co-founded Hedberg and Associates with Heather in 2004. His expertise lies in business planning, project feasibility assessments and forest management. Mike’s career began in forest engineering and has since expanded into operational planning, project management, project design and logistics. Mike has an entrepreneurial mindset with a pragmatic approach to solving difficult challenges and offers a quality product to clients in industry, government agencies and First Nations. Under his direction, Hedberg and Associates has expanded from offering traditional forestry services to offering a broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary resource management consulting services.

Heather Hedberg – RPF – Principal

Heather co-founded Hedberg and Associates in 2004. She has worked in the forest industry since 1993 with a focus on forest management and ecology. She has experience collecting data performing analysis for studies determining forest fire hazard and risk and in various silviculture management studies. She was involved with several ecosystem survey and mapping projects with recreation and silviculture research objectives. She is proficient at managing data for silviculture and fulfilling the reporting needs as required. At present her main role is business management and administrative support for the company. Heather graduated with a degree in Forest Management from UBC in 1993.

Gerald Wolfe – RPF – Senior Partner

Gerald has 20 years of operational forestry, hydro-electric project and natural resource management experience. Gerald’s strengths include designing forest roads, access planning, and plan and permit submissions for regulatory agency approval. Gerald’s role as Senior Partner consists of providing operational planning and support, field crew logistics, strategic planning, supervision, and business development. His experience includes full phase forestry and engineering coordination, road and harvest unit layout, feasibility assessments, transmission line route planning and geometric road designs. His experience extends to both coastal and interior operational conditions. Gerald is an RPF, a Certified Arborist, and a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology Renewable Resources Program as well as courses from the University of British Columbia and Thompson Rivers University.

Dave Guilbride – RFT – Project Manager

Dave has a diverse and extensive skill set, based on over thirty years of experience in the coastal forest industry. He is experienced in all phases of strategic, operational, and business planning, including timber supply, resource constraints, logging chance, budgets and forecasting, as well as the preparation of Plans and Permits. Much of his background is in forest harvest planning fieldwork, layout, and surveying. His expertise lies in solving challenging access issues (i.e. roads and bridges), land-use constraints identification, and project management. Dave is a graduate of BCIT’s Diploma of Technology – Forest Resources – Forestry Option.

Adrian Litz – RPF – Planning Forester

Adrian (Abe) Litz has 23 years of experience in the forest industry. Since 2000, Abe has worked in professional forest management and joined Hedberg and Associates in 2007. At Hedberg and Associates, Abe is responsible for managing forest development and silviculture planning for the forest sector. Abe has also provided forest resource effects assessment research and reporting within the environmental assessment process for run-of-river hydro power development projects. His expertise lies in site and landscape-level planning, First Nation partnerships and consultation, contract administration and site restoration planning and supervision. Abe is an RPF and has a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia’s faculty of Forestry and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Dalhousie University.

Wes Staven – RPF – Project Manager

Wes joined Hedberg and Associates in 2010 and has over 18 years of experience working in the coastal forestry industry. He specializes in strategic planning for locating infrastructure in challenging terrain, and providing operational solutions to maximize value for our clients. Wes has extensive experience in multi-phase natural resource management from timber development and permitting, to silviculture treatments and stand management. Wes has successfully completed transmission line planning, design and layout for several large scale circuits now in operation throughout BC. Wes also has technical proficiency in preparing vegetation management and rehabilitation prescriptions for other industrial clients. He graduated from BCIT’s Renewable Resources Forestry Diploma Program, and has a B.Sc. from UBC’s Forest Science Program.

Dennis MacPherson – Senior Field Technician

Dennis has extensive field knowledge based on over forty years of experience in the coastal forest industry. The majority of his background is in forest engineering fieldwork that includes roads, layout, and surveying. Dennis’s experience with solving challenging access issues, locating roads and bridges, translates well to other industries and industry developments.

Jeff Maas – RFT – Senior Forest Technologist

Jeff is a Forest Technologist with 20 years of experience in operational forestry and forest engineering. His expertise is in coastal and interior cut block layout. He also has a background in legal and construction surveying prior to his forestry career. Most recently he completed a Bachelor of Technology degree in Ecological Restoration to supplement his forestry knowledge. His main focus is forest harvest planning implemented through project management, field layout, supervision and training of layout crews.

Codie Johnston – RFT – Forest Technologist

Codie is an Accredited Silviculture Surveyor (ASS-haha) and a Registered Forest Technologist (RFT) who has worked in the forestry and renewable resources sector for 12 years. During the first 8 years of her career, she focused mainly on silviculture and Mountain pine beetle surveys, layout and quality assurance in the Interior of BC. Since moving to the coast and obtaining her RFT she has broadened her skill set to include various field and office aspects of hydro-electric power projects, clean energy projects, forestry operations and project management. Codie is a graduate of the Forest Technology – Renewable Resources Program at Selkirk College.

Sara Barker – MSc. – Environmental Scientist

Sara is an environmental scientist and specializes in permitting, project planning, environmental research and report preparation. She has 12 years of experience in natural resource management and has carried out a variety of surveys such as topographic, hydrology, vegetation, water quality and wildlife surveys. She has also completed environmental monitoring projects, environmental compliance, field audits and baseline environmental assessments throughout Canada and abroad. Sara graduated with a degree in Geography from UBC and a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary/ San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador).

Andy Kwan-Senior Forest Technician

Andy has ten years of experience working in the forest sector and joined Hedberg and Associates in 2011. As a Senior Forest Technician, his specialty includes full-phase timber development and forest engineering. Andy also routinely leads crews on transmission line development and clean energy projects. Andy graduated with a diploma in Forest Resources –Forestry Option, from BCIT.

Curtis Bennett – RPF – Forest Technician

Curtis recently gained his Registered Professional Forester designation and has been working in coastal BC as a forest engineer since 2011. His experience lies primarily in cut block and road layout and design. He has also gained field experience with clean energy projects involving right of way clearing plans, access management, and riparian vegetation management activities. He is proficient in a variety of surveying techniques utilizing RTK, total stations as well as real-time corrected GPS.

Evan Powell – FIT – Forest Technician

Evan joined Hedberg in 2014. He is an American transplant who came to BC in search of a career in the outdoors and to chase the limitless mountain biking. Evan is currently an FIT, and he holds a BSc from UBC in Forest Operations with a minor in Commerce. Additionally, he runs his own Mexican food catering business as a side hobby on summer weekends.

Ben headshot
Ben Kwiatkowski – Field Technician

Ben joined Hedberg and Associates as a field technician in 2016 after completing a Master of Sustainable Development in Forest Management at UBC. Ben has also gained a broad variety of skills highly applicable to the forest industry. Prior to joining Hedberg and Associates, Ben was a wildland forest fire fighter and a member of the rap attack team for 2 years based out of Salmon Arm. He is also part of the Sea to Sky Gondola Aerial Evacuation Team and possesses Level 3 First Aid. Ben would like to work towards gaining professional forester status and on his free time he is an avid athlete and outdoorsman.

Ken Pitt – TFT

Ken joined Hedberg and Associates in 2016 and is seeking to gain his RFT accreditation in 2016. He has a broad skill set including forest engineering, crew management, silviculture and woodlot maintenance. Ken is a graduate of UBC’s philosophy program as well as obtaining a Forest Resources Diploma from Vancouver Island University.

Colby headshot
Colby Mahood – Field Technician

Colby Mahood is a recent graduate of the Forest Resource Technology Diploma Program at Vancouver Island University. Colby joined Hedberg and Associates in 2016 and has a background in silviculture surveying and site plans. He is looking to further develop his skill set in the forest industry and enjoys spending time outdoors.

Dara Bell – Administrator

Dara joined Hedberg and Associates Consulting Ltd. in 2011 and performs office management and general administrative functions. Prior to joining Hedberg and Associates Consulting Ltd., Dara gained work experience in corporate and municipal environments including Vancouver Coastal Health, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and the Town of Arnprior. Since joining Hedberg, Dara has provided administrative support for our office as well as managing and administering our Corporate Safety Management Program.

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